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Top media company in Vietnam in the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health business.

Medinet - Media Activities

Consulting on building, asserting and developing brands for counterparts and customers in the healthcare and beauty field.

Our services


Consulting & Building brands

Medinet directly involves in researching, building media campaigns to consult and advertise the counterparts’ brands to the consumers, from which the door to future opportunities is opened.

  • Researching and reviewing brands
  • Consulting brands launching
  • Consulting brand communications
  • Consulting brand assertions
  • Designing brand awareness kits
  • Consulting brand development
  • Researching market demands
  • Providing public relation services

Marketing & PR

From the orders of the counterparts, Medinet will come up with marketing and public relation campaigns, broadcasting on relevant communication channels in order to achieve the best results in a short amount of time.

  • Consulting communication campaigns
  • Online marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • General marketing
  • Public relation campaigns
  • Complete marketing & public relation
  • Advertisement on Facebook
  • Advertisement by Google Adwords

Website & Copywriting

Medinet has a team of professional, trained copywriters and SEOers who are directly in charge of the implementation and development of the projects and content of the website.

  • Website designing
  • Landingpages designing
  • Website content editing
  • Article content editing
  • Public relation articles writing
  • SEO
  • Making creative products (video clips, articles, infographic)

Medinet - Strengths

Medinet - Counterparts & Customers

Medinet guarantees to provide quality media services and products to its customers which can achieve the best results.

  • Do Minh Duong Family Apothecary

    Do Minh Duong Family Apothecary is making its mark on the map of Vietnam traditional medicine as one of the credible address for examining and treating by traditional medicine in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and adjacent provinces and cities.

    With a variety of medicines aging up to 150 years with high effectiveness, experienced doctors, quality customer services as well as the suitable media campaign consultation from Medinet Group; Do Minh Duong is a trusted destination for various patients.

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  • Vietmec High Quality Obstetrics and Gynecology Public Clinic

    After a short time investing in the establishment of the website, brand fanpage and doctors fanpage and concentrating in improving the quality of the examination and treatment service, Vietmec High Quality Obstetrics and Gynecology Public Clinic has become a popular destination for women in Hanoi city and adjacent areas when it come to obstetrics and gynecology.  

    Based on its foundation, Vietmec Group is aiming to build high quality and prestigious Vietmec Hospital system in Vietnam.

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  • Ethnic Medicine Research and Application Center

    The Ethnic Medicine Research and Application Center plays a large role in the preservation, development and promotion of 4000 year medicine of the Vietnamese people.

    The Center has successfully introduced traditional medicine to the Vietnamese people which are highly effective in treating physiological problems, stomach and colon problems,....

    With many charity examination events and a collection of high quality media channels, the Center has become well known as a TOP 50 brand - famous brand of 2018 and a top destination in the traditional medicine business.

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  • Dermatological Center of Vietnam Oriental Medicine

    Rapidly developing society along with the diversity of skincare and cosmetic products which makes the competition become fiercer than ever.

    However, with top-of-the-line products, right media campaign and the consultation from Medinet’s experts, Dermatological Center of Vietnam Oriental Medicine maintains its position as a safe and effective brand of skincare and therapy by Oriental medicine in Vietnam.

    The Center’s achievements such as “Most famous brand of 2015”, Top 10 credible beauty centers in Vietnam of 2016”, “Top 50 Good Vietnamese Merchandise Brands - Perfect Service of 2017” can speak for themselves.

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  • North America Dentistry

    By investing in the general dentistry service, high quality and high tech cosmetic dentistry and top specialists and doctors of Vietnam, North America Dentistry is asserting its credibility.

    Since the foundation, North America Dentistry has paid special attention to the service quality and its general media campaign including website, fanpage, youtube,.... therefore the achievement of this center grows day-by-day and it is promised to be a bright spot in the future.  

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